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Download Brasil TV APK (Updated) is special App that can give you the ability to watch Movies, Series, Animes or Live TV shows in the best way. The app will provide entertainment content with the highest image quality as well as excellent Subtitle and Dubbing support features.

Brasil TV APP will be one of the applications that can bring you an extremely excellent and Premium entertainment experience. If you are a person who loves watching TV shows or watching movies, series or anime, this will be a suitable app for you. In the app, users will be able to watch their favorite content for free until the 7-day trial period.

About Brazil TV New

What is Brasil TV Mobile?

The Brasil TV App Android has been on the market for years, giving access to various contents. For those who choose to have fun with movies and series , these are the requirements that are always at the top will be diversity. Many users choose multiple titles after watching a series of movies or even watching a lot of movies in the same period of time. Therefore, Brasil TV APK has also been very well optimized for users by adding and equipping many movie series for users to access at any time.


Brazil TV New APP

Once you start trying out Brazil TV APK MOD, you certainly can’t ignore the completely rich interface that this app has. The interface is totally elegant for many people, as soon as you open the app you will be faced with movies and series from studios such as Disney, Marvel, the DC Universe and much more from there. So, it can be said that the features in the app are thriving that can satisfy anyone.

Huge catalog

In Brasil TV for Android we can see the tabs: Movies, Series, Animes, Kids and Animes: In all, the App has more than 200,000 contents available in the palm of users’ hands.


An integral part of the App are the recommended programs. If you don’t know what to watch, guides such as Recommend for you, Hit movies, Anniversary dates are delicious options for users to enjoy this extra attention that is dedicated to them.

Movies and Series from Famous Studios

  • Netflix
  • Disney
  • Marvel Universe
  • DC Universe
  • National and international soap operas

Live Content

Brazil TV Live App
  • channel list

As if the app is not enough to be so great in its catalog that has more than 200,000 VOD, it still has more than 500 live channels so you can watch it directly from your android phone.

High Image Quality

One of the basic and most important requirements for movie and series streaming apps will always be image quality. A movie, no matter how good it is, but if it is shown with poor quality, it will not bring satisfaction to the spectators. However, the app will be able to satisfy its users by allowing them to watch their movies in the highest possible quality from 720P to 1080P.

Translations and Accessibility

Brazil TV Live APK
  • Legendas e Audio

In Brasil TV Ao Vivo App you will find several accessibility functions for you to use such as subtitle support, change the size and color of the subtitle. In addition, you can also choose which language you want to watch Dubbed or in the native language of your series or movie.

Brazil TV Resources APK

Brazil TV App Resources
  • favorites

With this feature you can bookmark your movies or series to access your movies or series and start watching them as soon as possible after logging in.

  • History of assisted

If you are one of those people who forgets what you were watching, you will probably love the watch history that the app brings in its features.

  • age lock

You can set a password so that if your children are watching content on their own, they are prevented from viewing content that you believe is inappropriate.



  • Android cell phone

You get full support for all android devices guaranteed by the app, so you don’t have to worry if you need to change your phone in the future.

  • Tv Box e Android TV

The BrasilTV App is only available natively for TV Box and Android TV on HTV lines. When, by purchasing a product from the HTV line, you will have lifetime access to Brasil TV Box services.

  • DLNA e Chromecast (Beta)

The App supports DLNA and Chromecast function in the Standard and Premium plans, so you can easily stream the content you’re watching on your cell phone, straight to your Smart TV screen.

Check out the information given to us by the brand’s representatives, about this doubt:

Brasil TV Mobile, launched by Brazil’s first IPTV brand (hTV), is the best IPTV app in Brazil so far. With the most advanced technology, it can always guarantee the most stable and secure signal. In addition, it has global server layout, transmitting data via cloud server, which ensures fast loading and stability. Its good dynamic IP management capabilities also ensure you sufficient protection against attacks.

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