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The HTV App offers access to more than 500 live channels, including +100 sports channels, +65 in UHD and 4K and among them there is content for Kids, Entertainment, International, and more in all categories. Now you can watch the best live and streaming content right from your TV – all you need is an internet connection. Now you can easily download HTV to your TV Box, Android TV, Smart TV or PC (PC Emulator) and have various comedies, Movies and Series, cartoons and various entertainment channels.

About the HTV App

IPTV HTV App is an application to watch Live TV Channels, Movies, Series and Cartoons. With over 500 channels, this app offers content from all categories, bringing different cultures and preferences to your big screen.

HTV - Movies

Users can access closed and open live TV channels. In the HTV App the developers have added some great features to help users have a better experience.

Features of the HTV APP

HTV IPTV App could quickly become one of the best streaming TV, Movies, Series apps for Android TV and TV Box. That said, you won’t find it on Google Play, that means you’ll have to look elsewhere to download it, like the official website or our TekMods website. Our team at TEKMODS guarantee the best and safest links and APKs for our audience, so don’t worry and have HTV on your BOX TV to enjoy the best of content.

Once you install the app, you will be amazed at how much content it actually offers and how completely professional it is. It’s an amazing app and it’s not just for one region of the world.

HTV - Live Channels

• Live TV content

You can watch closed and open TV shows and channels with this innovative Android app. Whatever you like to watch, make sure you don’t miss a thing by downloading the HTV APK to your Android now. You can keep up to date with all the latest soap operas, news, cartoons, sports and much more.

• Live TV streaming in UHD and 4K

HTV is mainly used to broadcast live TV channels across the world. It allows users to stream live TV channels, TV shows and more.

• Full HD content

While most streaming apps don’t let you play in Full HD or even HD, the HTV APP is one of the apps that lets you do that; With HTV APK, users can also view content in Full HD+ and even 4K, but this will require a high-speed internet connection.


The app also has a logical and well-organized interface, which is often lacking in other apps in this category. It’s easy to find the best Movies, Series and TV channels you want to watch by browsing the tabbed or categorical sections of the menu.

You can also search for specific channels in the search bar, narrowing your search to something like Type, Year, Genre, Country, and Dubbing. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll likely find it on HTV IPTV.

Light, Fast and Complete

Each channel has a variety of separate connections to ensure that if one of them loses connection, another can be activated instantly so nothing is lost. This is a very useful feature that will allow you to bypass the inevitable failure of some connection points. You can be sure you’ll always have a connection, even if an outlet doesn’t work, so you never miss any of your favorite shows.

Fast and Complete Video Player

HTV’s video player is high quality and easy to use, which greatly improves your overall viewing experience. It has a full-screen mode and volume controls, and you can control the quality of your content to respond to faster or slower Internet connections. In short, it has everything you expect from a professional-grade video player and is great for enjoying your favorite TV shows, movies and series.

• Supports Subtitles

Thoptv also supports subtitles on TV shows/movies or even web series, so if you want to watch a show in another language, subtitles are supported here.

• Modo PIC – Picture in Picture

With this function you have the possibility to search your contents freely and without having to stop watching what you were watching at that moment.

Subscription Plans – HTV Premium APK

• Lifetime Plan 

In this plan you will have lifetime access to the premium subscription of the app, without having to worry about monthly or annual renewals, in which you can use 2 devices simultaneously (1 cell phone and a TV Box).

NOTE: As of this writing, the lifetime plan is the only one available within the app.

• HTV BOX – No Ads & Free Trial

As the HTV App is a Subscription App, it monetizes your subscription and plans, in your free trial it has no ads. Your subscription plan will provide a much better, complete and high quality viewing experience for your subscribers with all its premium features. Try it for free today. To like!

• Real-time customer support

The developers of HTVApp have worked hard to give the best customer support and help you with whatever issue you are facing.

HTV - Drawings

Platforms to use HTV APK MOD

• HTV Para TV Box

The app is available as an APK so you can easily install it on your TV BOX without any difficulty.

• HTV Para Android TV

If your tv has an android system running in the background, you can easily install the APK of the HTV App, just use a file manager to find the file below on our website.

• HTV Para SmartTV

For SmartTv you will have to check if your SmartTv runs the android system, so that you can install the App, Otherwise, you will have to use a TV Box device. 

• HTV Para PC

To use the app on your computer to use an android emulator such as: LD Player , Memu Play , NoxPlayer or BlueStacks .

• HTV For Android Mobile

For mobile devices, the developers offer BrasilTV as an alternative, which is also a complete super app with live content and entertainment.

How to install HTV Update 2022?

After knowing its features, some of you might want to use this app. So follow these steps and you will be able to download the H TV App for your devices.

  1. Open Settings and enable “Unknown sources” in security setting
    • This ensures that your device can download apps from sources other than the Play Store. Remember to change the setting before downloading APK Htv.
  2. Download the latest version of H TV APK files.
  3. After downloading, open the APK files and click the “Install” button.
  4. Just click on it and a new interface will open in front of you.
  5. Continue with the options and allow all permissions if confirmation permission is needed.
  6. Now you can simply search for your favorite and start watching, streaming and downloading.

In short, I hope this article shows enough information about HTV APP Apk. If you want to know more, install it and try it yourself.

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