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Download UniTV APK (Official TV Box) is the best application for streaming movies, series and live TV and still having content from platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime and many others.

With UniTV Premium APK, you can watch hundreds of thousands of blockbuster movies and series and Live TV shows. With quality up to FULL HD and dubbed, with native language or subtitles.

About UniTV

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Today you no longer need to go to the cinema to watch the latest releases. Life with UniTV will make everything more exciting from your home screen. It provides all services to watch movies and watch series online from all over the world. All content is mostly popular and latest Movies, Series and TV Shows.
UniTV is available for all TV Box and Android TV platforms, if you have any questions, keep reading until the end to learn how to install the app correctly.


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To start enjoying movies and series on UniTV APK Premium, you need to create an account with basic information. This is optional, but it’s easier to control what you want to see once you have an account. This also helps parents to control what content their kids watched in their viewing history.

The UniTV APP not only has an easy-to-see interface, but also has simple navigation buttons. The top will have the main tabs, the search bar, notifications and your profile. Users can easily search shows or movies quickly because they organize them into big categories like Popular, Genre, Collection and Channel. Under each large category, there will be a more detailed subsection. This type of organization gives you quick access to the content you want to see in case you forget the title.

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UniTV Main Fabric

On the main screen we already have all the Online channels that appear in the application, there are more than 400 live channels for you to enjoy at any time of the day.

Entertainment screens

On the next and next screen we can see tabs such as: Movies, Series, Animes, Kids and Explore. In all these tabs are shown the best and most relevant content for us that is available in the application.

Live Content

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In addition to content such as movies, anime, series and programs, UniTV APK TV Box features more TV channels integrated into the App system. They are not many, but they still have more than a few hundred separate channels, always streaming thousands of different content every day for users to enjoy or find entertainment. And best of all, the app’s filter also allows the user to distinguish between TV channels or media content, demonstrating absolute convenience and superiority for users to enjoy everything in comfort.

UniTV APK MOD is developed in depth and always gives users new content to explore with family or friends anytime from the comfort of your living room. In addition, its notification system is flexible, constantly suggesting trending or trending content for users to check out, even reporting any activity of the genre or character they follow.

UniTV Catalog

The film industry is complex and encompasses many different areas or content to entertain people or spectators. Thus, UniTV App will automatically organize all your content into various categories or genres, presenting a designed interface full of user-friendly sophistication. It also refers to the built-in leaderboard, which shows you the most famous content at different time points.

In addition, the app will provide each person with a personal library to add or organize their favorite movies flexibly and comfortably. As they roam around the homepage, they’ll have plenty of options to tag each content, even follow favorite actors or directors. After organizing the content, it will automatically send notifications of new activities and allow users to access the content quickly.


It is important to highlight the features that attract attention in the App, because then you will decide whether you like and want to use the app. The features that UniTV MOD brings are:

  • Simplified search by content
  • Add to Favorites
  • History of assisted
  • parental lock
  • Search by year of release
  • search by genre
  • User Profile
  • content notifications
  • And much more

Unique features

It stands out in UniTV how simplified and intuitive the application is, because you can find any content, movies, series and drawings by doing simple searches such as:

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  • Search by type: Movies, Series and Kids
  • Search by genre: action, drama, adventure, fiction, etc.
  • Search by year: 2022, 2021, 2020….
  • Search by Country: Brazil, Portugal, United States, Mexico and etc.
  • Search by audio: Portuguese, Spanish and English.

Video and audio quality

This app is highly appreciated for its rich and regularly updated content and its extensive image quality refinement. With FULLHD display quality, users can get the most realistic and vivid experience in every movie the app offers. For this reason, Amazon Prime Video is taken to a new level that hardly any other app of its kind can do.

Coming to this app, users can enjoy rich movies with excellent quality and especially many useful support features. Not only does it stop at quick search data, but the app also provides players with an offline download mode to watch movies anytime, anywhere, and more. If you are a movie enthusiast, maybe UniTV APK TV Box is one of the choices you shouldn’t ignore. If you haven’t tried it yet, what are you waiting for?

Subtitles, Synopsis and IMDB

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It is always important when choosing a content to know if it is worth dedicating your time, with that at UniTV we have the synopsis to know in a summarized way what will happen in the movie or series and also your note on IMDb which is a index that measures how relevant and good the movie or series is.
It is important to note that the application has great support for subtitles, being able to customize their size and colors for a better visualization and understanding.

The way to search in the UniTV Android TV app is straightforward when you get lots of recommendations and criteria when choosing movies like new releases, Christmas and many others. At the same time, you can also use the main search feature to quickly find your favorite movie or series. The search process will be faster if you add the content to your favorites list to watch any movie and series you want and don’t forget any title.

Movies and Series from famous studios

Within the application we will find content from famous and consolidated platforms such as:

  • Netflix
  • Disney Plus
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Apple Plus
  • HBO Max
  • and many others…

TV Box and Android TV Supports

Users will love trying out the app because they can watch the movies and series they like on different platforms. Specifically, you’ll be able to watch on PC and even Android TVs, Fire TVs, Box TVs, and more. Your experience will be completely diverse and you will be able to manage your favorite movie and series anywhere and on any platform you want.

Subscription plans

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Check out the information given to us by the brand’s representatives, about this doubt:

Its security and stability are two of its most outstanding advantages, as UniTV has the most advanced dynamic IP management technology and uses the fastest cloud server in the world for data transmission. Its unique “anti-attack system” ensures that it always provides a secure and stable signal. With more than 10 years of technological experience, UniTV is the market leader in IPTV in Brazil and was voted “Best IPTV APP of the Year” by its users several times.

Download UniTv APK para Android TV e TV Box

You can easily download UniTV Premium APK from our website via the download link just below. The application allows you to watch many movies, series and live tv channels. The app is indeed the best choice to watch premium shows straight from your TV.

Uni TV APK works perfectly as an entertainment app on Android TVs and Box TVs. It brings the latest releases of movies, series and TV shows repeatedly to users.

Enjoy access to popular video content, movies, TV shows, children’s shows and more, always looking for quality entertainment. You can save a lot of money on expensive movies and subscriptions by downloading UniTV APK MOD Premium. There are live TV shows that are very important for those people who are constantly away from home. Regional channels are available in abundance, you will never be without UniTV app content in your life.

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